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701 EP – Jackson Davis

Jackson’s debut 701 EP will first grab your ear with its otherworldly production. If you, like any sane person, couldn’t get enough of his single “Same As You Wanted,” you’re going to be absolutely blown away by the rest. You’ll find yourself getting lost in elongated, distorted patches of synths, only to be completely ensnared by another buttery bass line layered with a piano riff that seems to be bursting with light. Match all that up with a vocal performance of a lifetime, and you’ll see how he has managed to create an environment that is both rich in atmosphere as well as extremely tight and polished.

Even amidst all of this soaring beauty, there are pangs of reality that keep this EP grounded in an all too relatable way. A quick glance at the titles indicates a craving to rewrite the past, a lost opportunity, a desire to be seen in a new light. Between the shimmering world, his production depicts and the somber yearning his lyrics create, Jackson constructs an ever-present dissonance that perfectly mirrors the sensation of emptiness that can come with growth, change, and even success. It’s a challenging notion and one that he grapples with throughout the project. But just as he asserts in “This Time Around,” the highs are only possible because of the lows, and knowing this makes it that much easier to keep marching on.

There’s something obscurely special about this project. It might have you daydreaming, it might have lamenting, but no matter what, you’ll definitely keep listening.

Cover art by Anna Korol

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