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For mon’elise, singing only comes second to breathing. Music has been her charge as long as she can remember, beginning with pestering her parents for a piano and ultimately leading to her classical training as a choral musician. From this education she was exposed to a vast new world of material and quickly developed a fascination with old hollywood musicals, american standards, and jazz era classics. To this day these works still have play a central role in her writing process. Although she may look to the past for inspiration, Mon’Elise ends up pulling from a myriad of genres. Along with the complex vocal arrangements from her choral days, the resulting infectious sound blends classic American jazz with a more modern take on R&B and pop music.
But more than anything else, music is the universal language mon’elise can use to communicate and connect with those around her. No matter their background or perspective, her songs bring people together, and at the end of the day that’s all she wants to do.

Recent Releases

Lovely (Official Music Video)
Mon'elise EP
tonguebound (demo)
One Day - Debut Single

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